MAG leaders are familiar with specific regulations for office-based Anesthesia administration, and we always make sure we are compliant. We can assist with regulatory and safety compliance, including recommendations for procedure-room layout and relevant equipment. We can also assist with policy development and implementation. Our surgical offices have never failed an inspection by the State or JCAHO.

MAG physicians run educational sessions for office staff, including management of emergencies and pre-testing concerns. Because Anesthesia in the office environment is often a new experience for the staff involved, education to establish a comfort level is vital.

Patient safety is critical, and avoidance of last-minute surprises is essential. We have basic and standard pre-testing requirements to improve patient safety and flow. You will always have someone to call with questions or to review a particular patient.

MAG physicians are not just office-based. We take calls, and we routinely care for critically ill patients at our hospitals. Our responsiveness makes us well equipped to deal with unavoidable emergencies or unexpected intra-operative events. We are comfortable managing unexpected recovery-room events and making the rare decision to transfer a patient to a hospital.

We look forward to the opportunity to help your organization.